How to Find the Best Laundry Service



Laundry service providers are almost offering the same prices and services, and the difference lies on customer service to build customer loyalty and make clients happy. Laundry shops must provide satisfactory laundry services to keep customers coming back and attract new customers. There are many laundry shops in NYC, but you only deserve the best, and we provide the best.

A good laundry service pays close attention to the fabric of your clothes, in order to incorporate the appropriate laundry products for the fabric. An experienced and reputable laundry shop separates the white clothes from the colored ones, and as much as possible also separate fabrics that need a special washing method. A good and expert laundry provider should have an increased understanding on different washing methods for different fabrics or textiles. A laundry shop’s facility should have a good standard operations in establishing and maintaining a clean environment. The layout of the laundry shop is also a reflection of how systematic a laundry shop performs their laundry duties. Efficiency and timing are two most important factors why people keep coming back. Learn More here!

Let us talk about the processes used in cleaning clothes such as hand washing, machine washing and dry cleaning. Hand washing is soaking clothes onto the water and detergent to gently remove soils which is a restrictive method, with very little or no agitation. Machine washing means garments are subjected to mechanical action by an agitator, with the use of water, detergent, bleach or other laundry additives as necessary. Wet cleaning uses a specialized equipment in removing soils from clothes using water. This laundry equipment uses a precise control of additives, temperature, water level and rotation speed. Dry cleaning uses little amount of fluid or no water in removing soils and stains, followed by steam presses. To know the best type of laundry cleaning for you, it  is best to look for manufacturer’s label attached to the garment to decide what is best for your clothing. Garment labels include recommended instructions and fabric content, but some garments can be labeled incorrectly because some manufacturers don’t take expense and time to have each garment tested for safe care procedures. You can also learn more about laundry delivery by checking out the post at

As one of the leaders in garment care, we always consider the fabric content, combination of colors, fabric finish, soils or stains, constructions and attached trims. We utilize wet cleaning, machine washing, dry cleaning, stain removal and occasional hand washing safely and carefully. We always give our utmost care to your garments and we guarantee your utmost satisfaction and confidence. Our laundry shop offers laundry services with laundry delivery and laundry pick-up services at your own convenience. Entrust your garment to one of the leading garment care specialists in Manhattan NYC. Get Manhattan dry cleaning prices here!

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